Policy Requirements for Farmer Investment in Semi-Arid Africa:
Makueni District, Kenya
Policy Research Programme, Department for International Development

About the study

The Kenya study investigated long-term change in the semi-arid area of Makueni District, with particular emphasis on the last ten years. Makueni District formerly was part of Machakos District, which was the subject of the study by Mary Tiffen, Michael Mortimore and Francis Gichuki and the resulting book More people, less erosion (John Wiley, 1994). The aim of the study was to derive policy lessons to facilitate investment by small-scale farmers. Led by Dr Francis Gichuki (University of Nairobi), the Kenya team included Dr Abdou Fall (International Trypanotolerance Centre), Professor Stephen Mbogoh, Dr Charles Nzioka and Professor J.P. Mbuvi (all of University of Nairobi), and John Nelson (Associate, Drylands Research).

The results are published in Drylands Research Working Papers 1-11: Kenya Series.

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Kenya Series

WP no. Title
1. Makueni District profile: Farm development Francis Gichuki View PDF
View abstract
2. Makueni District profile: Rainfall variability, 1950-1997 Francis Gichuki View PDF
View abstract
3. Makueni District profile: Water management, 1989-1998 Francis Gichuki View PDF
View abstract
4. Makueni District profile: Soil management and conservation, 1989-1998 Francis Gichuki View PDF
View abstract
5. Makueni District profile: Tree management, 1989-1998 Francis Gichuki View PDF
View abstract
6. Makueni District profile: Soil fertility management Joseph Mbuvi View PDF
View abstract
7. Makueni District profile: Crop production and marketing, 1988-1999 Stephen Mbogoh View PDF
View abstract
8 Makueni District profile: Livestock management, 1990-1998 Abdou Fall View PDF
View abstract
9. Makueni District profile: Human resource management, 1989-1998 Charles Nzioka View PDF
View abstract
10 Makueni District profile: Income diversification and farm investment, 1989-1999 John Nelson View PDF
View abstract
11. Makueni District profile: Synthesis Francis Gichuki, et al. View PDF
View abstract

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