Kano-Maradi Study of Long-Term Change: Kano Region, Nigeria
ESCOR, Department for International Development & Leventis Foundation

About the study

The study investigated long-term change in environmental management and rural livelihoods in the Kano Region from the 1960s to the 1990s, recognising the linkages with southern Niger, including Maradi Department, as well as the extensive hinterland in Nigeria. Due to restricted resources for this part of the study, the Nigerian element was mainly based on previous work by scientists of Drylands Research and collaborating institutions, and analysis of rainfall and census data. However, the Leventis Foundation provided for field work to supplement this in the case of the important study of changes in the food trade, led by Dr J. Ayodele Ariyo (Ahmed Bello University, Zaria). Other studies were conducted by a small team including inputs by Dr Raufu Mustapha (Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford), Dr Frances Harris (School of Earth Sciences and Geography, University of Kingston) and Drylands Research staff.

The results are published in Drylands Research Working Papers 24-25 and 35-39. (Studies originally planned for Papers 37 and 38 could not be carried out).

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Niger-Nigeria Series

WP no. Title Author    
24. Profile of demographic change in the Kano-Maradi Region, 1960-2000 [also Niger] Mary Tiffen View PDF
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25. Profile of rainfall change and variablility in the Kano-Maradi Region, 1960-2000 Michael Mortimore View PDF
View abstract
34. Long-term change in food provisioning and marketing in the Kano Region J. Ayodele Ariyo, et al. View PDF
Not available
35. Agrarian production, public policy and the State in Kano Region, 1900-2000 Raufu Mustapha & K.Meagher View PDF
Not available
36. Changes in soil fertility under indigenous agricultural intensification in the Kano Region
Frances Harris
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39e. Synthesis of long-term change in the Kano-Maradi Region, 1960-2000 Michael Mortimore et al View PDF
View abstract
39f. Synthèse sur les évolutions à long-terme dans la région de Kano-Maradi, 1960-2000 Michael Mortimore et al View PDF View abstract

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