Policy Requirements for Farmer Investment in Semi-Arid Africa:
Diourbel Region, Senegal
Policy Research Programme, Department for International Development

About the study

In the Senegal study long-term change in agriculture, natural resource management and rural livelihoods are linked with investment in the Diourbel Region (which forms the northern part of the "Bassin Arachidier") over the period 1960-1999. The aim of the study is policy lessons to facilitate investment by small-scale farmers. Led by Dr Abdou Fall (International Trypano-tolerance Centre), the Senegal team included Dr Aminata Niane Badiane, Dr Mamadou Khouma, and Dr Modou Sène (all of Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles), Cheikh Ly (EISMV), Abdourahmane Barry (Direction de la Prévision et de la Statistique), Djibril Coulibaly (independent consultant), Dr Adama Faye (Bureau d'Appui de la Coopération Sénégalo-Suisse), Dr Matar Gaye (Institut Africain de Développement Économique et Planification), Dr Mamadou Dione, Dr Henri Lo (l'Université de Cheikh Anta Diop), Dr Syaka Sadio (Bureau d'Etudes et Développement), Wendy Wilson Fall (independent consultant) and the Centre de Suivi Écologique team, led by Dr Magatte Ba. Dr. Adama Faye, who had worked closely with Dr Abdou Fall throughout, took over in the final stages and carried out the subsequent endorsement exercise.

The results are published in Drylands Research Working Papers 12-23: Senegal Series.

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Senegal Series

WP no. Title Author    
12. Région de Diourbel: Politiques nationales affectant l'investissement chez les petits exploitants Matar Gaye View PDF
View abstract
13. Région de Diourbel: Les aspects démographiques Abdourahmane Barry, S. Ndiaye, F. Ndiaye, Mary Tiffen View PDF
View abstract
14. Région de Diourbel : Gestion des eaux Aminata Niane Badiane, Mamadou Khouma, Modou Sène View PDF
View abstract
15. Région de Diourbel : Gestion des sols Aminata Niane Badiane, Mamadou Khouma, Modou Sène View PDF
View abstract
16. Région de Diourbel: Evolution de la production agricole Adama Faye, Abdou Fall, Djibril Coulibaly View PDF
View abstract
17. Région de Diourbel : Gestion des ressources forestières et de l'arbre Syaka Sadio, Mamadou Dione, Soukeyna Ngom View PDF
View abstract
18. Région de Diourbel: Evolution de la commercialisation des produits Cheikh Ly View PDF
View abstract
19. Région de Diourbel: Evolution des régimes fonciers Henri Lo, Mamadou Dione View PDF
View abstract
20. Région de Diourbel: The family, local institutions and education Wendy Wilson-Fall View PDF
View abstract
21. Région de Diourbel: Cartographie des changements dans loccupation-lutilisation du sol dans le Centre-Ouest du Sénégal Magatte Ba, Massaer Mbaye, Samba Ndao, Almamy Wade, Lamine Ndiaye View PDF View map supplement
View abstract
22. Région de Diourbel: Diversification de revenus et son incindence sur l'investissement agricole Adama Faye, Abdou Fall View PDF
View abstract
23e. Région de Diourbel: Synthesis Adama Faye, Abdou Fall, Mary Tiffen, Michael Mortimore, John Nelson View PDF
23f. Région de Diourbel: Synthèse Adama Faye, Abdou Fall, Mary Tiffen, Michael Mortimore, John Nelson View PDF

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